Match Schedule

Match Details

The Eastern Nebraska Gun Club (ENGC) holds monthly Mid-Range (600 yards) F-Class matches April through October on the 4th Saturday of each month. New shooters are encouraged and welcome at any match. Shooters who participate in at least two matches will have their scores submitted to the NRA for classification at the end of the season. The league match course of fire is 8 sighters and 60 shots for record.

Free New Shooter Clinic

An F Class Rifle Clinic for new and intermediate shooters will be held on March 25, 2017 and will allow new shooters the opportunity to learn the basics of shooting, pulling targets and scoring without the added pressure of competition. If you've never shot at 600 yards, we highly recommend attending this clinic. Bring a rifle, 60-80 rounds of ammunition, a front rest or bipod, a rear bag, a shooting mat, ear/eye protection, and a spotting scope if you've got one. There is no charge for the clinic.

Nebraska Mid-Range State Championship

Once again, prizes and awards will be presented state and overall winners at the State Championship Match. There is a special registration process for this match - see below for registration details.

Match Registration

League Match Registration

Monthly league matches are open to the public. Early registration via email (just contact the match director and tell him you'll be shooting) is not required, but is strongly encouraged. If you cannot pre-register, please arrive on match day before 8:00 AM so that you can be squadded without delaying the match start. Match fees for early registrants (before midnight on the Wednesday preceding a match) are $20. Later registrations are $25. Please bring cash or a check on the day of the match. Contact Dave Cole (director@nebraskafclass.com) with registration questions.

State Championship Match Registration

The Nebraska Mid Range F Class State Championship will be held at the Eastern Nebraska Gun Club on August 26, 2017. Due to the larger match size, a special registration process will be followed for this match only. Please read the following carefully, and register early - this match filled up quickly last year.

Registration opens on June 3, 2017 at 10:00 AM Central Time by email only. There are 60 spots available, $40.00 per entry, one entry per email address (each individual registering must send a separate email - no group registrations). The order in which email registrations are received will determine the competitor list and subsequent alternate shooters. Payment for the state match will secure your spot on the list. Payment must be made in full within 2 weeks from registration via mail. If payment is not made, alternates will be immediately notified (in order) and presented the option to make payment or waive their spot. Match fees for the state championship match are non-refundable.

Registration email should be sent to the match director, Dave Cole, at director@nebraskafclass.com. Please, no phone registrations.

About F-Class

mid range f class target

F Class Target - notice the smaller 10 and X rings

F-Class, a subclass of NRA High Power Rifle, is one of the nation's fastest growing shooting sports. F-class is shot prone at distances from 300 to 1,200 yards. Competitors may use almost any caliber rifle (up to .35 caliber), a scope, a rear rest (bag), and a front rest or bipod. F-class is an ideal sport for beginning competitive shooters male and female, young and old.

F-class is target shooting with scope sights and artificial support allowed, unlike conventional NRA High Power Rifle, which allows only the use of a sling for support. It started in Canada as a means of keeping older shooters in the game after they started having trouble seeing iron sights and getting trussed up in coat, glove, and sling. It has spread to the US, and is now supported by NRA and attracts both tactical style marksmen as well as those geared towards the precision aspects of Benchrest shooting.

At ENGC, F-Class is shot at 600 yards, which designates it as Mid-Range. Shooters are classified by previous match performance (marksman, sharpshooter, expert, master, or high master) and broken into two equipment classes:

Target Rifle (F T/R)

F T/R Rifles must be shot off a bipod attached to the gun with a rear sandbag allowed, weight limit 8.25 kg (18lb) scope and bipod included, no limit on scope power, any safe trigger pull, any safe load. F T/R Rifles must be chambered in either .308 Winchester or .223 Remington. There are no bullet weight restrictions.

Open Class

F Open rifles can be any caliber under .35, and are usually shot off a front rest. Any rest is acceptable as long as it does not return the gun to battery and does not connect the front and rear rests. The rifle's weight limit is 10 kg (22lbs), not including the rest(as long as it is not attached to the rifle).

The F Class target is similar to the conventional High Power Rifle target, although it has smaller rings at the center. The ten ring is approximately one-MOA (that’s 6″ at 600 yards) and a ½ MOA “X” ring is used for determining ties.

See the NRA High Power Rifle Rule Book for more detailed information on F-class competition and High Power Rifle.