Mid Range

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Mid Range High Power Rifle

Mid-Range High Power Rifle is a specific format of competitive shooting popular in the United States.  It is fired from the prone position, at 600 yard distance.

The standard course of fire at the ENGC for mid-range has three (3) individual stages that comprise an aggregate match.

Three (3) stages of slow fire (20 shots in 20 minutes), prone, at 600 yards.

This combines to a total aggregate of 60 shots worth 600 points. In addition to points, "X" count is also used to rank shooters in a match. In the center of each target (within the ten ring) is an "X" ring. If a competitor shoots within this ring they receive the ten points for shooting a ten, but an additional "X" which acts as a tie breaker. For example, if one competitor ends a match with 487-14X (meaning 487 points with 14 X's) and another shooter ends with 487-20X, then the one that shot 20 X's will finish ahead of the one which only shot 14 X's.

Shooter can use either a "service rifle", "match rifle", or "tactical rifle".