Vintage Sniper

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CMP Sanctioned Team Vintage Sniper Matches and Concurrent Non-Sanctioned Team Vintage Sniper Matches

Vintage Sniper - ENGC Official Match Bulletin

updated July, 2021

ENGC will conduct CMP sanctioned and simultaneous non-sanctioned Team Vintage Sniper matches. All matches will adhere to the intent, spirit, rules and course of fire outlined as per Competition Rules for CMP Games Rifle and Pistol Matches, section 6.0 and annex D2 (View online at:THECMP.org/competitions/cmp-competitions-rulebooks). Sanctioned matches will adhere to the published rules and procedures. Non-sanctioned simultaneous matches may be fired in  two ways:

            1) With vintage military rifles and any optical scope that is safe, independent of its listing under CMP rules (see “Equipment” below).

            2) Those shooters with temporary or permanent medical issues preventing them from shooting the match in the standard prone position may use alternate positions/equipment. Any safe position and/or equipment the shooter finds necessary and provides at the 300 yard firing line will be considered.  The standard range-supplied benches and sandbags may be used at the 600 yard firing line. Their partner will shoot under sanctioned rules unless similarly in need.

All other sanctioned rules apply.

DATES/TEAM ASSIGNMENTS: Dates for matches are available from the ENGC website. Cost is $20.00 per shooter. Non-binding preregistration at least 24 hours prior to the match is highly encouraged to facilitate squadding. Preregistration can be done at haire5@cox.net or brewman185@gmail.com. Individuals not on a team may team-up at the time of registration. Ensure that your rifle has a 300 yard zero prior to arrival.

 OVERVIEW: This is a team match.Two person competitor teams will replicate the equipment and marksmanship skills of sniper teams operating in the world’s military forces prior to 1953. Course of fire will be prone using sand bags or slings and fired from 300 and 600 yards, in a timed sequence. One team member will have the duties of the spotter while the other member shoots. Then the team members will switch duties and the course fired again. Electronic targets will be used to mark and score the courses of fire. All commands will be delivered to the shooters from the firing line. No pit duty will be required except for setting up and stowing targets for the match.

EQUIPMENT: CMP sanction rules are very specific as to rifle and scope combinations permitted in this competition (see CMP Rulebook). As an ENGC exception only, since many shooters have military rifles that meet the 1953 or earlier requirement but  their scope does not, these shooters are welcome to compete but in the Non-Sanctioned category. Hearing and eye protection are required. To use electronic targets, each team must have a screened device capable of connecting to Wi-Fi (phone, tablet, Kindle, laptop, I-Pad, etc). Loaner devices may be available. Please contact Bill Haire at 402-680-8195 (haire5@cox.net) or Bruce Gregory at 402- 203-6401 (brewman185@gmail.com) with questions and clarification.

SHOOTING  CATEGORIES/AWARDS: Teams will be classified and compete within their classification (manual or semi-automatic) as per CMP rules. There will be an additional classification for the non-sanctioned shooters. CMP achievement awards/medals will be presented to sanctioned competitors as outlined in the CMP Rulebook. Special Nebraska Marksmanship Association Vintage awards will be given in the Non-Sanctioned classification.

NEW SHOOTERS/OTHERS: Familiarity with the safety, shooting, scoring and line procedures for high-power rifle competition is a requirement. If a new shooter team is unfamiliar with these skills they will be paired with a veteran shooter and “shown the ropes”. With prior co-ordination it may be possible to assist with obtaining zeroes and  and electronic scoring procedures before a match. Also, with prior co-ordination, there may be loaner rifles and ammunition available. Prior coordination and questions are encouraged and warmly invited by both Bill and Bruce!