Vintage Sniper

Match Schedule

CMP Sanctioned Team Vintage Sniper Matches and Concurrent Non-Sanctioned Team Vintage Sniper Matches

Eastern Nebraska Gun Club (ENGC) will conduct Team Vintage Sniper Matches that are sanctioned by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP).  In conjunction and simultaneously, non-sanctioned matches will be conducted with limited modification within the spirit and intent of the CMP Matches. 

CMP Intent and Spirit of Vintage Sniper Team Matches:  From the CMP:  “ …. to provide modern target rifle competitions for competitors who use original or replica military sniper rifles dated 1953 or earlier.  This Match is a two-person team event designed to replicate and test marksmanship skill similar to those employed by traditional military sniper teams.  Any rifle configuration or item of equipment that is not mentioned in the CMP Rules or that is contrary to the spirit and intent of these rules is prohibited…..”   Shooters competing in this match will be eligible for CMP provided performance awards.

ENGC limited spirit and intent modification for non-sanctioned simultaneous matches:  As an ENGC exception only, since many shooters have military rifles that meet the 1953 or earlier requirement, but their scope does not, these shooters are welcome to compete but in a CMP Non-Sanctioned Category.  Any optical scope and rings that are safe may be used in this category.   Competitors in this category will not be eligible for CMP provided performance awards.

Course of fire, equipment and mandatory requirements:  As per CMP rules, all relays will be fired from the prone position, single load and firing, using provided sandbags or appropriate slings, fired from 300 yards and 600 yards, and in a rapid timed sequence with pit scoring.  The timed sequence will involve the target exposed for 20 seconds for engagement, then taken down and scored for 20 seconds, then re-exposed for 20 seconds and once again engaged, for a series of 10 engagements.  Then the shooter will exchange functions with the spotter and the engagements continued. It is recommended to have at least 40 rounds per shooter.  Spotting scopes or binoculars will be need.  Hearing and eye protection is mandatory.  It is imperative that each shooter have at least a 300 yard zero on their rifle before arrival to the match.  It is also imperative, for safety considerations, that each competitor understand CMP Rules.  These may be viewed on-line.  (View online at: THECMP.org/competitions/cmp-competitions-rulebooks).